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Flavour: Mango

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Neuro PM SupportMAX | Strom Sports | 30 Servings


Introducing Neuro PM SupportMAX by Strom Sports - Unleash Your Mind's Full Potential!

Neuro PM takes our popular Neuro blend to new heights by combining it with ZMA, L-Theanine, Lemon Balm, Vitamin B6, and B12, creating the ultimate nighttime brain support formula.

Per Serving Ingredients:

  • 1000mg Choline: Fuel your brain's cognitive functions and memory with this essential nutrient.

  • 1000mg L-Taurine: Promote relaxation and mental calmness for a restful night's sleep.

  • 800mg KSM66 Ashwagandha: Reduce stress and support overall mental well-being for a relaxed mind.

  • 500mg Magnesium: Improve sleep quality and brain function with this essential mineral.

  • 500mg Phosphatidylserine: Enhance memory, learning, and focus for sharper cognitive performance.

  • 500mg Lions Mane (Mushroom): Unlock the brain-boosting potential of this remarkable mushroom.

  • 400mg Lemon Balm: Enjoy its soothing properties for a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

  • 250mg L-Theanine: Promote relaxation and alleviate stress to calm your mind before bedtime.

  • 50mg Vitamin B6: Support brain health and neurotransmitter function for optimal cognitive performance.

  • 30mg Zinc: Essential for proper brain function and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

  • 10mg Black Pepper Extract: Enhance ingredient absorption for maximum effectiveness.

  • 24μg Vitamin B12: Boost energy levels and support overall brain health.

Unlock your mind's full potential and embrace the benefits of Neuro PM SupportMAX. Experience improved sleep quality, relaxation, and cognitive performance - all in one powerful formula.

Empower your nighttime routine with Neuro PM SupportMAX and wake up refreshed and revitalized, ready to seize the day. Discover the true potential of your mind with Strom Sports today!


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Lions Mane

Flavour: Mango