Cream Of Rice | 2kg | CNP

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Flavour: Custard Cream

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CNP Cream of Rice reigns supreme as the ultimate complex carbohydrate source!

Ideal for pre or post-workout nutrition, it provides the perfect fuel for performance and aids in efficient recovery. With its pure carbohydrate composition, it offers versatility in adding quality carbs to your diet without unnecessary fats or proteins.

Enriched with Amylase, a Carbohydrate Digesting Enzyme, it ensures rapid absorption for enhanced effectiveness. Indulge in its velvety smooth texture and explore a delightful variety of flavours.


Suggested use: Add one scoop (25g) / two scoops (50g) into a microwaveable bowl. Slowly add and stir in boiling water until desired consistency has been achieved. Allow to cool before consuming.

Flavour: Custard Cream