Total War Pre Workout | 30 Servings | REDCON1

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Flavour: Rainbow Candy

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Total War Pre Workout | 30 Servings | REDCON1


When it’s time to go to battle, you go hard with TOTAL WAR®.

Experience a workout with intensity you didn’t think was possible. New found strength and energy are just minutes away. Lock-in and get ready to bring the noise.

For optimal results, take 1 scoop of TOTAL WAR® 30 minutes prior to strength/weight training with 4-6 ounces of water.


1. How is TOTAL WAR® different from other pre-workouts on the market?

Milligram for milligram you won't find a stronger pre-workout than TOTAL WAR®. All ingredients are fully dosed for efficacy and the label is completely transparent. Additionally, we do not use artificial colors in the products. Lastly, TOTAL WAR® is a complete pre-workout, combining endurance, pump, energy and focus ingredients, instead of just a concentrated stimulant based pre-workout.


2. What is the clinical dosage of Citrulline Malate for pumps? 

The clinical dosage of citrulline for pumps is 4 grams but the study was conducted with 6 grams of l-citrulline malate 2:1, which yields 4 grams of elemental citrulline; same as what is in TOTAL WAR®


3. Can I stack TOTAL WAR® and BIG NOISE®?

Yes! Combining Total War® and Big Noise® is the ultimate pre-workout stack for increased pumps, focus, endurance and energy. For optimal results, take 1 scoop of Total War® and 1 scoop of Big Noise® 30 minutes prior to training. Mix or match flavors to create your own custom pre-workout experience.


4. Can I still take MENTAL TRIGGER® or DOUBLE TAP® throughout the day if I use TOTAL WAR® pre-workout?

Because all three products contain caffeine and other stimulant ingredients, you should not take them at the same time. If you are not sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, we suggest making sure your servings of each product are separated by 3-4 hours.


5. Am I able to use TOTAL WAR® prior to cardio, is there any benefit?

Yes. Because TOTAL WAR® contains caffeine and other stimulant ingredients, it would definitely be beneficial as a pre-cardio for energy and focus. However if you're doing cardio to burn fat, DOUBLE TAPT® is a great option!


6. Can I use TOTAL WAR® on days I'm feeling tired or do I need to take it every day for results?

TOTAL WAR® is intended to be taken pre-workout on training days. If you are looking for a midday energy boost, MENTAL TRIGGER® is a great option.


Do I need to cycle off of TOTAL WAR®?

As with all products containing caffeine and stimulant ingredients, we recommend 12 weeks on 4 weeks off to avoid becoming tolerant to the effects of TOTAL WAR®.



Flavour: Rainbow Candy