Thundadrol | Lean Muscle Gainer | 30 Servings

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Thundadrol - Lean Muscle Gainer

60 Capsules - 30 Servings - 1 Month Course


Main benefits:


  • Lean muscle gains
  • Prevents muscle breakdown
  • Increased strength
  • Increased libido
  • Decreased fat levels
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • No PCT needed


Thundadrol has been developed to be a natural alternative to AAS. Aswell as this it is considered to be side effect free due to the compounds we have used. Here’s some information on the ingredients we have included:

Lax0genin – 100mg

Lax0genin is a chemical found in plants which stimulates growth. Its gained a lot of popularity in the bodybuilding industry due to its muscle building effects. Lax0genin can help promote lean muscle and prevent muscle breakdown by dramatically increasing protein synthesis. This is great for building lean muscle during a bulk or when preserving muscle and strength during a cut. Lax0genin also promotes nitrogen retention in the muscles, increases muscular endurance and also enhances muscle recovery.

Turkesterone – 500mg

Turkesterone is a natural plant extract which is a highly potent form of ecdysterone. Turkesterone has gained popularity due to its ability to increase physical performance. Ecdysteroids can be compared to testosterone due to their ability to induce growth. However, unlike testosterone, ecdysteroids do not bind to androgen receptors , and therefore do not cause any steroidal side effects. Turkesterone is the most anabolic of the ecdysteroids class which is why we have chosen it for Thundadrol.

Black Maca Root – 400mg

The maca plant, known scientifically as Lepidium meyenii, is sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng. Black maca root extract has strong effects on libido in men and women. Black maca has also been used to increase muscle endurance.

Black Pepper Extract – 20mg

Black pepper extract has been added to this product due to its ability to increase the level of absorption of the other ingredients. Sometimes referred to as ‘Bioenhancement’ black pepper is used to get the most out of the product and further enhances the effects of the product.

How to use:

Beginner: Take one capsule per day for one week before moving onto the advanced dosage.

Advanced: Take two capsules per day spread out evenly.

This product should be cycled for 12 weeks.

Please note: It is recommended to increase your levels of vitamin D3 when using this product. For vitamin D3 click here.

Course Prices

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2 Month supply - £32.99

3 Month supply – £29.99

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